Calcium Fluoride crystal has good performance at 0.13~10 μm wavelength range and is transparent over a broad range from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) frequencies.

Its properties as follows,

Transmission Range: 130nm to 9µm

Refractive Index: 1.40 @ 5µm

Reflection Loss: 5.4% @ 5µm ( 2 surfaces)

Melting Point: 1360° C

Hardness (Knoop): 158 psi

Young’s Modulus: 75.8 GPa

Modulus of Rupture: 5300 psi

Structure: Cubic—111 cleavage plane

Solubility: 0.0017gm./100 gm water @ 20° C. Insoluble in most bases and acids. Soluble in NH4 salts.

CaF2 has widespread IR applicationx such as spectroscopic CaF2 windows, CaF2 prisms and CaF2 lenses. Especially pure grades of Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) find useful application in the UV and as UV Excimer laser windows. Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is available doped with Europium as a gamma-ray scintillator.


Photonchina provides excellent CaF2 crystal components from double convex lens to right angle prism, from round wafer to wedge, which are used in thermal imaging systems, spectroscopy, excimer lasers, Fourier analysis, testing instruments, gas liquid laser system, astronomical telescope, MIR/NIR imaging system, etc.