Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very efficient form of cleaning where dirt particles are completely and rapidly removed from the surface of optics. It has the following benefits,

  • Batch parts can be cleaned at one time
  • No damage to parts due to gentle cleaning
  • High level of cleanliness

Photonchina offers full cleanroom environment ultrasonic cleaning, inspection and vacuum packaging to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and protection for our customers.


Cleaning of optical components usually takes place in two stages: in-process cleaning and cleaning before coating.

In-process cleaning mainly refers to the time when optical parts have finished grinding and polishing.  Grinding and polish are important process to determine the surface quality of optics and manufacturing efficiency. So the cleaning for first time generally takes place after grinding and polishing.

The main pollutants in the grinding and polishing process are polish powder, asphalt, and paint residue, in some cases. The cleaning solution after grinding can be roughly divided into two types: organic solvent cleaning agent and semi water based cleaning agent.

Cleaning before coating. The main pollutants of cleaning before optical coating are oil, fingerprint, dust, etc. As the coating process has a stringent demand on the cleanliness of optical components, the choice of cleaning agent is vital.

In consideration of a certain cleaning agent, it is necessary to consider its corrosiveness and other characteristics that will impact on optics.