Crystal optics

Most optical materials are amorphous such as optical glass; however, there are a wide variety of crystals with some unique properties that are useful for optical and semiconductor applications. Some of them have a very good transmission from the ultraviolet to near IR regions. Their optical applications range from solid state laser generation, polarized beam generation, beam walk-off, phase modulation to new wavelength generation.

Optical crystals vary in material properties but all have a common foundation: they are grown from high-purity raw materials. These types of optical materials have excellent performance with lasers, semiconductor, medical, and military applications.

Sapphire, for instance, is highly durable and is commonly used in military application from the visible to the mid-wave infrared whereas BBO is very good for tunable laser sources, such as ultrafast Ti:Sapphire or dye lasers. These materials are manufactured using an assortment of methods that are specific to Photonchina.


In Photonchina, we can manufacture wafers, lenses, prisms, and windows with crystal materials. We provide a wide variety of coatings from single layer antireflective coatings using MgF2 to complex multilayer dielectric stacks.

We own different kinds of coaters to supply different coatings from Antireflection Coating(AR), Partial Reflection Coating(PR),Beamsplitter Coating, High Reflection Coating(HR), to Metal or Metallic Coating. We can provide coatings with high surface quality, high damage threshold coatings, and more.


Photonchina offers the following crystals and polarizers.






BBO crystal



YVO4 crystal


4. CaF2






6. TGG

TGG crystal



7. Sapphire

Sapphire window-Photonchina


8. MgF2




9. Glan Laser Polarizer

Glan laser polarizer


10. Glan Taylor Polarizer


11. Walloston Polarizer


12. Glan Thomson Polarizer

Glan Thompson Polarizer


13. Quartz Waveplate



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