C-lens is specially designed for fiber optics usage in collimator, isolator, switch, collimator array and laser Assembly. Compared to other gradient index lens, C-lens has many advantages including low cost, low insertion loss in long working distance, wide working distance range. With our experienced optical design Engineers we also provide the designing of c-lens according to customer's requirements, beside our standard products list below.
Properties of C-Lens
Lens material: SF11 or N-SF11
Transmission : >99%(900-1700nm)
Polarization preservation : 0.99
Thermal expansion coefficient : <6x10-6/°c
Max operating temp : 400°c
Hygroscopic susceptibility : No
Acid and Alkaline resistance : Excellent
Power handing : >1w

Collimator Array
Laser Assembly


Standard Specification:

Diameter Tolerance :
+0.005mm,-0.01mm for f 1.8mm to f 4.0mm
+0.0mm,-0.01mm for f 1.0mm
Diameter Range : > f 1.0mm
Length Tolerance : ±0.03mm
Wedge Tolerance : ±0.3°
Surface Quality : 40-20 scratch & dig
Coating : R<0.25%@(Design Wavelength)±40nm