Photonchina in-house test center is equipped with advanced metrology instruments

Digital interferometer Zygo

  • Inspection of wavefront distortion
  • Surface Figure
  • Deflect Angle and Parallelism




Lambda900 Spectrophotometer

Inspection of transmission, absorption and optical density

Reflectivity Concentration of Doped Particles



Optical Coating Machine

Photonchina provides a wide variety of coatings from simple single layer antireflective coatings using MgF2 and mirror coatings to complex multilayer dielectric stacks. Typical types of dielectric coatings are BBAR, V-coatings and dual wavelength AR coatings.

Photonchina owns different kind of coaters to supply different coatings. We can provide coatings with high surface quality, high damage threshold coatings, and more. At present, we have a Leybold coater from Germany and domestic coaters providing great variety and better quality coating options.

Thin Film Coating