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With a passionate engineer team of over 15 years of experience in manufacturing of crystal, glass and assembly area, Photonchina continuously supplies optical, crystal components and devices solution in the field of instrumentation, surveying, medical, laser and fiber communications.  

Ranging from Waveplate, Micro lens, Rhomboid Prism, Calcite, YVO4 to Green laser module, Fiber Isolator, Photonchina has won the valuable trust from customers with the dedicated effort of its committed human resources and quality management system.

From the first cut to final products in our facility, Photonchina maintain strict quality control with the combination of sophisticated instruments such as interferometer Zygo, spectrophotometer, goniometer and the knowledge of  ISO14001, 9001.

In the past decade, people of Photonchina have gained priceless experience in meeting and surpassing customer needs, which would certainly help them make more excellent performance in cooperating with customers worldwide in the next fifteen years.

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Photonchina is a leading manufacturer of quartz waveplate products in the world.

Our complete quartz waveplate range includes true zero order, zero order, multiple order, with the retardation of half, quarter or octadic wave. Special types like achromatic and dual wavelength waveplate, either in circular or quadratic shape, are all available.

Thickness of true zero order waveplate T=0.027mm, is the latest accuracy level reached, thanks to our special production technique and skilled technicians.

Standard mount size (black anodized aluminum) : D12.7mm, D25.4mm, D30mm.

Giant company and small start-up have all chosen our polarizer products for their applications in laser, telecommunication,surveying or others.

Glan laser polarizer, Glan taylor polarizer, Wollaston polarizer, Glan thomson polarizer etc, made of BBO, YVO4, Calcite crystal, are produced by the team with more than ten years of experience.

High quality crystal materials and excellent optical coating performance have contributed to customer’s approval worldwide.

Photonchina offers polarizer with or without mount.

You can find various types of lenses from Spherical lenses, Cylindrical lenses to Acylindrical lenses here, produced by materials of BK7, Fused Silica as well as Calcium Fluoride, Sapphire, Silicon and Germanium etc.

With the rich experience in manufacturing lenses and the help of high-end of optical coating machine, Photonchina has supplied lenses with mass quantity or custom small number to customers worldwide for more than a decade.

Standard diameters have been 0.5mm-160mm with various radii and types upon customer request.

Micro lens has now reached 0.3mm diameter, one of the smallest lens in the world.

Photonchina supplies an array of high precision prisms. These prism products have been manufactured with stringent inspection for angle, surface quality, flatness, transmitted wavefront, dimension, clear aperture and optical coating performance.

Our current capabilities include Roof prism,Right angle prism, Penta prism, Rhomboid prism, Dove prism,Wedge prism, Anarmophic prism,Pellin-Broca prism etc.

PBS, is coated with a multilayer interference film on the slope of the right-angle prism, and then glued into a cubic structure to transmit the incident P-polarized component and the S-polarized component.