Dove Prism

Dove Prism

Dove-Prism, schematic drawing Dove-Prism, schematic drawing

Schematic drawing

Photonchina has been focusing on dove prism manufacture for more than decades in order to meet demands of customers worldwide in applications ranging from image displaying to fiber communications.

Dove prism is a type of reflective prism which is used to invert an image. These prisms are shaped from a truncated right-angle prism. A beam of light entering one of the sloped faces of the prism undergoes total internal reflection from the inside of the longest (bottom) face and emerges from the opposite sloped face. Images passing through the prism are flipped, and because only one reflection takes place, the image’s handedness is changed to the opposite sense.

If you look through the prism and rotate it around a longitudinal axis, the image rotates through twice the angle through which the dove prism itself rotates. For optimal performance, you may use dove prisms with collimated light. The top surface of each dove prism is ground and the longest length features an unbeveled sharp edge.

Dove Prisms are offered uncoated, with anti-reflection coated diagonal faces, or with aluminized diagonal faces. Aluminized dove prisms feature a protected aluminum coating with black Krylon paint on the diagonal faces and are ideal for displaced retroreflection. They provide a u-turn for incident laser beam light.

With the rich experience in producing these prisms and high precision equipment both in making and inspection, Photonchina has been satisfying customers worldwide for more than decades. From first cut to final stage of production, we ensure that all products has been under strict quality control and thus conduct excellent performance in customer’s real use.

Photonchina Specifications

Material: BK7 or other glass material
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0/-0.2mm
Angle Tolerance: ±3 arc minutes
Flatness: /2 @ 632.8nm
Surface Quality: 60/40
Clear Aperture: >80%
Bevel: <0.2-0.5mm X 45°
Coating: Upon customer request

Dove prism