Glass optics

For different applications, there are a great many optical materials that can be used,in which optical glass should be the most common and popular one.

Optics made from various optical glass materials, like N-BK7, N-SF11, Barofloat, etc, exhibit great optical, mechanical, and chemical properties for your applications.

Photonchina designs and manufactures precision glass optical components and provides optics sub-assembly for use in optical communication, commercial laser, instrumentation, surveying, measuring and scanning, and medical applications.

Glass optics usually includes prisms, lenses, window, mirrors and other optical parts to redirect or modify light beams.


Micro rod lenses, Small endoscope lenses, Collimating lens, Achromatic lenses, Cylindrical lenses.


Roof prism, Rhomboid prism, Right angle prism, Dove prism, Wedge prism and others.


N-BK7 opticsl windows, Brewster windows, Wedged windows, Sapphire windows etc.


Laser mirror, Broadband coating mirror, Metalic coating mirror, Dielectric mirror.

Beam Splitter

Polarizing beamsplitter, PBS Plate, PBS Cube, Single wavelength and boardband