Quality Inspection

Photonchina understands and meets customer’s need for in-depth and extended analysis requests. Both typical optical characteristic such as transmittance vs reflectance in coating curve, transmitted wavefront, reflected wavefront; and dimensional characteristics such as parallelism, surface profilometry, length, width or diameter, all are supplied by our quality department.

Beginning with raw materials inspection to the final test reports, we employ strict quality controls throughout the whole production process with the aid of advanced equipment and deep understanding of quality control system.

With the rich knowledge of ISO 14001, 9001, Photonchina continually keeps improving its quality procedures to ensure the finest service and quality to customers worldwide.

Advanced Equipment

Photonchina deploys x-ray diffraction measurement instruments to control the orientation of crystal axis from first cut through final products. We use sophisticated metrology equipment and instruments as well in-process control technologies to maintain strict quality control at every phase from design certification through product delivery.

Digital Interferometer Zygo

  • Inspection of wavefront distortion
  • Surface Figure
  • Deflect Angle and Parallelism

Lambda900 Spectrophotometer

  • Inspection of transmission, absorption and optical density
  • Reflectivity Concentration of Doped Particles


Lens Measurement System

  • Flatness, Radius, Focal Length, Center error and S/D
  • Inspection of the Wavefront error: PV&IRR

Lens measurement

Data & Report

Inspection report and coating plot have always been provided and shipped with the finished goods. Important data contains surface quality (scratch & dig), flatness, parallelism, angle tolerance, transmittance and reflectance curve, etc. Other data could also be offered upon customer request.

Test reporting