Micro Lens

Micro Lens (Small Spherical or Rod lens)

Under the condition of high refractive index, some optical components can achieve short focal length. Therefore, the micro lens becomes an ideal choice in the field of high precision applications.

Because of the ultra-small size of this kind of lens(outer diameter 0.5mm-5mm, length: 0.5mm-30mm), either in spherical/round or rod shape, micro lens or ultra-small lens often requires special processing technology, unique production know-how and special optical fixture, etc.

Photonchina supplies various sizes of micro lenses for an array of applications including optical active devices, wavelength division multiplexer ( WDM) and fiber lasers in fiber communications  (see C-lens, G-lens), endoscopy (rigid endoscope, capsule endoscope) in medical and industrial use. Its new application fields are still expanding.

Micro Spherical Lenses

A variety of optical glass or other materials, such as BK7, N-SF11, H-LAF76, Fused Silica and so on are available for customer’s design. H-LaF53, for instance, has often been used in endoscope lens or capsule lens production. We have a wide range of lenses in shape: convex, concave, biconvex, meniscus etc.

See an example product below,

Micro spherical lens

Micro spherical lens

Micro Rod Lenses

In terms of micro rod lens, Photonchina capacity has now reached as small as 0.5mm in outer diameter and 25mm in length, with any radius of curvature that can be made. Micro rod lenses are available with flat, plano-convex, plano-concave, double convex in shape. This rod lens has excellent eccentricity and clear aperture index.

Micro rod lens

Micro rod lens

What is more, we can provide unique rod-shaped glued lenses by combining special gluing/cementing technics and edging skill. These glued/cemented rod lenses subassembly can be made of up to four single micro rod lenses with various combination. Rod lens assembly systems are able to provide images with greater brightness, contrast and color reproduction than conventional lenses.

Rigid endoscope, for instance, which usually has a series of high-resolution optical glass rod lenses, can be forward viewing (0 degrees) or angled (10–120 degrees) to allow visualization out of the axis of the telescope and increase the FOV by rotating the instrument. The optical quality of lens-generated images of rigid endoscopes still surpasses that of the fiber-optic or digital images produced by flexible scopes.

Designed for use in a variety of laser and imaging systems, Photonchina also manufactures rod lenses with the circumference optically polished and ground on both ends. A range of these micro size rod lenses are integrated into a host of OEM applications. Its optical performance is similar to a cylinder lens. Collimated light passing through the diameter of the rod lens will be focused into a line. N-BK7 and UV Fused Silica substrates are available for a variety of UV, Visible and NIR applications.

Micro rod lens with circumference polished

Photonchina Micro Lenses Features

From design, manufacturing to optical coating, from endoscope lens, capsule lens to special-required rod lens, from single mini lens to glued lenses system, engineers in Photonchina implement strict production process to ensure stable quality, competitive price as well as responsive lead time.

Through years of accumulated processing know-how technologies and production capacity, high standard thin film coating performance and strict testing requirements, Photonchina provides customers with one of the world’s smallest but excellent micro lenses products, which have been widely used in various medical devices (endoscope lens, for example), precision surveying and optical communications instruments.

Being a long term partner of micro lens or ultra-small lens products, Photonchina are proud of achievements made and will keep striving for a higher level of satisfaction of customers.

Photonchina Micro Lenses Generic Specifications

Material : N-SF11,H-LaF53,H-LaF76,

Fused Silicon etc.

Radius of Curvature(mm): R0.25~R∞

Diameter(mm):           Φ0.5 ~Φ5Tolerance(mm):     ±0.005 ~±0.05
Length(mm):             L1.0 ~L20Tolerance(mm):     ±0.02~±0.06
Thickness tolerance(mm): ±0.01 ~±0.1Surface Quality:       10/5~80/50
Flaness:                    λ/20~λ/4Off centering:        1’~10′
Optical coating :       Upon request

Micro lens

Custom sizes, variations in polishing/ ground surfaces and specific optical coating request are all available upon request.