Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance & Cancellation of Purchase Orders: Order acknowledgement will be sent by email or fax for all purchase orders within 2 business days of receipt. Certain instances will require acceptance of order with confirmation of delivery date at a later time. Purchase order, Contract, Confirmation for Proforma invoice, E-mail instruction from customer can all be accepted as formal order by Photonchina. Photonchina reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any order for any reason.

2. Customer-Supplied Material: Although Photonchina makes every effort to handle customer-supplied material with the greatest possible care, all customer-supplied material is handled solely at customer risk. When quotation specifies material to be furnished by the purchaser, ample allowance must be made for reasonable spoilage and material must be of suitable quality to facilitate efficient production. Photonchina assumes no financial liability or obligation to provide any form of insurance coverage for the material during processing by Photonchina or its sub-contractors. Should Photonchina yield additional parts, they will all be sent back to purchaser. All scrap material will also be the property of purchaser.

3.Changes: The Customer may make changes to purchase orders including drawings and specifications for manufactured goods, location of delivery, or other change by giving appropriate written notice to Photonchina. If such changes affect unit cost, cost of ordered material or cost of labor already implemented, Photonchina have the right to claim compensation for its losses. Meanwhile, Photonchina may need to adjust the delivery date. This adjustment will be made by mutual consent between Photonchina and the Customer.

4. Method of Shipping & Packaging: All goods are packaged in a manner which assures they are protected against contamination and damage. All goods are shipped from Photonchina FOB Origin unless otherwise specified on the purchase order.

5. Title & delivery of goods: Title transfers to the Customer as per the terms and conditions agreed upon. Our standard terms are FOB: Origin. All tools and methods used in the manufacture, assembly, etc. are the sole and exclusive property of Photonchina unless otherwise specified. All transportation risks are also transferred to the customer once the title transfers and the shipment has left our facility.

6. Inspection & Rejection: All goods and services furnished are exactly specified in the PO and considered free from defects in workmanship and materials. The goods and services are subject to inspection and testing by the Customer and must occur within 30 days after receipt of the goods and services. If the goods and services furnished are found to be defective the Customer may reject them or require Photonchina to correct or replace them without charge, require a reduction in price which is equitable under the circumstances.

7. Terms of Payment: All payments should be made by US dollors or as otherwise specified. All prices shown in a PO,Quotation or Proforma Invoice, are firm and are not subject to adjustment. All banking fee during transfer should go to the customer

8. Confidentiality: Photonchina will consider all information furnished by the Customer to be confidential and shall not disclose such information to any other person, or use such information itself for any purpose other than performing in this contract, unless Photonchina obtains written permission from the customer to do so. This article shall apply to drawings, specifications or other documents prepared by the Customer in connection with this order. Photonchina may on occasion request from the customer permission to publicize the project in its marketing efforts and will do so only with prior written approval.

9. Intellectual Property: Purchaser assumes liability for any and all patent and copyright infringement when goods are made to Purchaser’s specifications and will hold Photonchina harmless in all such events. Any intellectual property developed in the manufacture or service of a Customer’s optical components at Photonchina is the sole property of Photonchina.