Diffusion Bonded Crystals

Diffusion bonded crystals are able to significantly mitigate thermal lensing effect of laser crystals, thus providing integral components for compact lasers

What are diffusion bonded crystals?

Diffusion bonded crystals are composed of a laser crystal and other undoped materials. They are optically contacted first and then bonded further under high temperature. Diffusion bonded crystals are able to significantly mitigate thermal lensing effect of laser crystals, thus providing integral components for compact lasers. Photonchina has been supplying standard assembly and special customized bonding crystals for customers in various applications. These diffusion bonded composite crystals have different wedge structures, Brewster angles, etc. It is mainly used to effectively reduce the thermal effect of solid-state high-power lasers.


Diffusion bonding production in Photonchina: 

Photonchina develops an unique and efficient technique in producing high reliable bonded crystals. There are basiclly four steps in the whole process as follows,

1)  Optical contact between the crystals to be bonded.

2)  Increase the temperature of crystals to 2/3 of the melting point in a gradual way and exert pressure to combine the two parts together.

3)  Hold on the bonded crystals for a certain period at this high temperature and diffusion effect takes place.

4)  Cooling slowly the crystals (24 hours) down to room temperature.



1)  Improved and enhanced thermal performance.

2)  Lower thermal lens effect of end surfaces.

3)  Increased output power of laser crystals.

4)  High damage threshold.

5)  Compact size.



1)  Industrial laser.

2)  Biomedical laser, medical laser, beauty laser;

3)  Semiconductor pump.

4)  High-power operations.

5)  Laser ranger finder.

6)  High power laser system.

7)  Laser Lidar.


Products range of Photonchina:

1)  YVO4+ Nd:YVO4 + YVO4; GdVO4+ Nd:GdVO4 + GdVO4;

2) YAG+Nd:YAG+ Cr4+:YAG; YAG+Nd:Ce:YAG+Cr4+:YAG; YAG+Yb:YAG+Cr4+:YAG



5) Tisapphire+Sapphire


7)BBO Diffusion Bonded

Note: Diffusion bonding for other crystals are available upon request.


Diffusion bonded crystal



Products sizes: YVO4+Nd: YVO4+YVO4 and YAG+ Nd: YAG+YA

Material Doping Concentration Aperture(mm) Length of Laser Crystal(mm)
YVO4+Nd: YVO4 0.2%-3% 2×2-10×10 / Φ3-10 2-30
YVO4+Nd: YVO4 +YVO4 0.2%-3% 2×2-10×10 / Φ3-10 2-30
YAG+Nd: YAG 0.3%-1.2% 2×2-20×20 / Φ2-20 2-200
YAG+Nd: YAG+ YAG 0.3%-1.2% 2×2-20×20 / Φ2-20 2-200
YAG+Cr4+: YAG 0.6-7 2×2-20×20 / Φ2-20 2-50
YAG+Nd: YAG+ Cr4+: YAG 0.6-1.2%/0.6-7 2×2-20×20 / Φ2-20 3-200

Please let us know the following data when you want to have a quote:

1) Nd-dopant concentration;      2) Size;        3) Surface quality;       4) Coating requirement.        5) Quantity



General Specifications:

Flatness lambda/10 @ 632.8nm
Wavefront distortion lambda/10@ 632.8nm
Surface Quality 10/5 per MIL-O-13830A
Parallelism 10 Sec
Perpendicularity 5 Min
Bevel/Chamfer <0.1mm@45deg
Chips <0.1mm
Clear Aperture >95%
Quality Warranty Period One year under proper use
Coating AR/HR/PR (IAD, EB, IBS)
Delivery Time 5-6 weeks