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Dual Wavelength Waveplate

Dual wavelength waveplate is a special type of multiple waveplate that provides a specific retardance at two different wavelengths, it’s particularly useful when used in conjunction with other polarization sensitive components to separate coaxial laser beams of different wavelength. It is widely used to improve conversion efficiency in solid double frequency laser device.


Material:                Quartz 

 Wavelength Range:       350~2100 nm,

 Dimension Tolerance:   +0.0, -0.1mm

 Surface Quality:        20 / 10

Parallelism:             <1 arc Sec

Wavefront Distortion:    < λ/8@633nm

Retardation Tolerance:   < λ/300

 Clear Aperture:         >90%

 Damage Threshold:       >1 GW/cm2

 AR Coating:             R<0.2%@wavelength


• Single Plate
• Thickness: 1mm
• AR coated, R<0.2% @ foundational wavelength & R<0.5% @ SHG wavelength

Order Information

Size 1
Diameter 10.0
Size 2
Diameter 12.7
Size 3
Diameter 15.0
Size 4
Diameter 20.0
Size 5
Diameter 25.4
Size 6
Diameter 30.0
Wavelength 1
Wavelength 2
Wavelength 3
Wavelength 4

Other wavelengths and sizes are available upon customer request

Also, please indicate the following requirements, when you have a demand on our waveplate products

1.Mount size or without Mount


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