Glan Thomson

Glan Thompson Polarizer

What is Glan Thompson Polarizer

Photonchina’s Glan-Thompson Polarizers is made of two cemented calcite (or a-BBO) prisms that are at the highest optical level. When the unpolarized light enters Glan-Thmopson Polarizer, it will separate at the intersection of the two calcite crystals. S-polarized light (e-ray) then goes on and P-polarized light (o-ray) will be reflected.


Thanks to the large field of view, the polarizer is ideal for highly converging or diverging beams. They provide high polarization and great transmission in the two emerging beams which are useful if it is required to utilize both linear polarization states.

Features of Photonchina’s Glan-Thompson Polarizer

  • Wide field of view
  • High extinction ratio
  • Both coated and uncoated types are available: 350-2300 nm for uncoated;  350-700nm or 650-1050nm for AR coated
  • You may choose from calcite or a-BBO crystal
  • Both mounted and unmounted are provided by Photonchina

Limitation or warnings:

1.     Calcite crystal is sensitive to temperature and will be seriously affected or even crack when are exposed to thermal shock.  It is advised that customers open the shipping package 6-8 hours after arrived when it reach total thermal equilibrium.

2.    Glan-Thompson Polarizer has limited optical intensity due to the cemented prism interface and it is suitable for low power applications.  Customers, who have medium or high power applications, please refer to Photonchina’s Glan Laser Polarizers.


Specifications of Photonchina’s Glan-Thompson Polarizer

Material: a-BBO, Calcite
Wavelength Range: a-BBO: 200~3500 nm, Calcite: 350~2300 nm
Extinction Ratio: a-BBO:<5×10-6 , Calcite:<5×10-5
Surface Quality: 20 / 10
Parallelism: <1 arc Min
Beam Deviation: < 3 arc minutes
Wavefront Distortion: λ /4@633nm
Damage Threshold: >200 MW/cm2
Coating: Single MgF2
Mount: Black Anodized Aluminium


1. Calcite Glan-Thompson Polarizer (350-2300nm)

Part No. Wavelength Extinction Ratio Angular Field C.A. φa (mm) O.D. φd (mm)    L (mm)
PC2106 350-2300nm <5×10-5 >14~16° 6.0 15.0 22.0
PC2108 8.0 25.4 28.0
PC2110 10.0 25.4 33.0
PC2112 12.7 25.4 39.0
PC2115 15.0 30.0 45.5
PC2206 350-2300nm <5×10-6 >25~28° 6.0 15.0 26.0
PC2208 8.0 25.4 32.0
PC2210 10.0 25.4 38.0
PC2212 12.7 25.4 46.0
PC2215 15.0 30.0 53.0


 2.  a-BBO Glan Thompson Polarizer (200-1100nm)

Part No. Wavelength Extinction Ratio Angular Field C.A. φa (mm) O.D. φd (mm)     L (mm)
PC1006 200-3500nm <5×10-6 >15° 6.0 15.0 22.0
PC1008 8.0 25.4 28.0
PC1010 10.0 25.4 33.0
PC1012 12.7 25.4 39.0
PC1015 15.0 30.0 45.5